Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Organizing thoughts

I must be having a mid-life crisis.  Ten years ago, if somebody would have mentioned table runners, organizing kitchen drawers or thinking about do-it-yourself art to decorate the walls – I would have looked at them funny, shrugged and went back to the lab.  I never thought of becoming a home-maker.  Never crossed my mind.  Cooking, cleaning and ironing to keep my family happy?  Ha!  If that’s what marriage was supposed to be about – I’m out! 
        And yet, here I am.  Ten years after “I’ll never get married!” resolution, I have a husband and I have two young children.  All of a sudden, making a house into a home is very important.
        I want our home to be a place of calm.  A place that suggests “relax, leave your worries behind”.  A place that becomes our respite from stress.  A place where we all can be happy.
        I like the idea of simplicity.  Not minimalism, no.  Just comfortable simplicity.  So, I am sitting here and dreaming about organizing, donating, improving, up-cycling, re-using and recycling.  I have converted a couple of shoe boxes into pretty boxes by covering them with polka-dot shelf paper.  Two cute boxes are now keeping my daughter’s socks and underwear from being scattered all around a gigantic drawer.  I organized our pantry – throwing out expired items and trying to group “like” items together in a logical fashion.  I organized the under-the-sink area in the kitchen, leaving only the things we use.  One important –very important – concept I just learned (Thank you, thank you IHeartOrganizing (http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/) and Jen Jones – organizing is not an once-in-a-lifetime event.  Instead, I think of it as an evolving process.  It takes a few organizing iterations to get things “just right”.  And then – as our family’s needs change – so will the organization of our home.  Here we have it, a paradigm shift.  Instead of static “Box A goes here, box B goes there and that’s the way it is going to be for the next 20 years”, I will be always looking for ways to improve my home.
        There is a lot of work to be done.  I have a ton of ideas - some of them will go very, very wrong, I am sure!  Time is limited.  Between my three full-time jobs as a mommy, a wife and a scientist there is just about nothing left for personal hobbies.  If I can spend an hour an evening on my pantry…  or a closet…  while doing jumping-jacks (aerobic workout!) and planning tomorrow’s experiments…  Then I’ll be institutionalized by the end of the month.  Multitasking is not my thing.  As a friend’s daughter says, “I am multitasking if I am breathing and blinking at the same time”. 
One thing a time, baby, one shelf at time J

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