Friday, April 19, 2013


So.  Here is what I have done so far.

  • Went through a pile of kids toys and sorted keepers vs. creepers.  Keepers are now kept in a big box in the basement labeled “baby toys”.  That’s exactly what they are – toys my kids grew out of but I am choosing to keep (yeah, pack rat, I know) in case kid #3 happens along.

  • Went through some boxes in the basement and found unused diapers and some hand-me-down baby clothing that I totally forgot about. 
  • Went through our basement closet and pulled out 3 items I haven’t worn in 10 years.  One of these had to be trashed.
  • Went through some more boxes in the basement and found my old camera I bought in 1994 (the year I came to the US from Latvia).  That camera has been through a lot with me: high school, college, Israel, China, Italy and a portion of grad school.  It has seen my friends and family….  It has been to so many amazing places with me…. And into the garbage it went.  So it goes. 
  • My husband took a pile of things (toys, clothing, diapers, books) to a nearby shelter.  I think I can breathe a little better now.  Less stuff = more oxygen.  And I am so happy that these things that were simply taking up space in our house will be useful to someone else.

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