Friday, May 19, 2017

House-Hunting for my Parents

My parents are looking to move to our area. Currently, they live across the country, in the Pacific NW.  They came a couple of months ago and stayed for a couple of weeks with us, hoping to find a house they liked for a price the were willing to pay. It didn't work out. My parents have some savings and they have paid off their current home, but they are  not the Rothschilds. They are reluctant to spend all their savings on a new house. They also want an all-on-one-level living situation, privacy, garage, quiet street, newer construction and open-floor plan, not too much yard, enough space for mom's full-size grand-piano, but not a huge house (because too expensive to heat and cool).

I went with their agent to look at a place that's less than 15 minute drive from our house. It's nice, cozy, all-on-one level (including a washer/dryer)... but no garage and the price is about 100,000 more than their ideal price. I told them my husband and I would be more than happy to chip in. Really - thank G-d, we can afford it. They need to decide quickly, because this house will be snatched up in no time. The hardest part is - they have to make a decision without even seeing the house!

After months, and months, and months... i just want them to find something that hits if not all the marks, then most of them. This house definitely does! The house-hunting has been driving them crazy. I just want them to start driving each other crazy about something else - packing up and moving their stuff, for example. Deciding on paint colors for the rooms. How to position furniture in their new place. Who gets which bedroom.

This house - it's small-ish, but not tiny. There is a separate room, with a separate entrance, that could work for the grand piano and mom's students. The yard is not huge but has enough space for grand kids to run around, and there is a patio with a roof where one could put a table and chairs. It's in a very nice neighborhood. They could walk to a small park. They could walk to a bus stop and take the bus to a train station if they wanted to go into the city. The could take the bus to the mall. There are grocery stores and Lowes within a close drive. It is only 15 minutes from our house!!!

I hope it works out. I hope they make an offer. I hope they don't totally hate it when they see it for the first time!

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