Saturday, November 15, 2014

Indulge and Pamper

I like to pamper and indulge myself.  A long luxurious shower (I like it hot!).  Drinking coffee first thing in the morning...  in peace and quiet... alone... while enjoying the beautiful view from the window. Drinking hot chocolate and reading a book.  Sitting next to the fireplace and letting my thoughts drift freely.  Going for a walk with my youngest in the stroller.  Taking a nap with one of the kids cuddled up next to me.  Thinking.  Reading.  Sleeping in.

All of these are simple things and fairly accessible... so what makes them so...  deliciously decadent?  Lets analyze the nature of an indulgence!

A few requirements have to be met.

It has to be a treat - not something to be taken for granted.
It has to carry  a special meaning.
It has to be enjoyable.
It has to be something that's not necessary for survival.
It has to be something we permit ourselves to do - even though there are 101 things that are waiting to be done.

Have you noticed my #1?  A shower...ahhh, the beauty of it.  Does it seem too mundane?  My husband teases me about the half hour long shower and the nearly scalding water.  He takes it for granted: hot water coming out of the shower head above you.   He never had to heat a pot of water on a gas range in the kitchen, then carry it to the bathroom,  then get washed (using water sparingly) in a hurry - or the water would get cold.  He never had to use one hand to rinse the soap (German shampoo, considered to be the best thing under the sun, used in tiny quantities to make it stretch), while pouring water from a pitcher.  Oh my, those memories of washing my hair in a plastic tub...  how I hated it...

I suppose, once the kids are older I might go to a spa.  I have tried it once before - and it was a thoroughly uncomfortable experience.  I felt absolutely clueless and out of place.   Like I accidentally stepped into someone else's life. So...  Maybe not.  After all, I'm not looking to splurge,  just to indulge.

So what do you like to indulge in?  And why?

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