Sunday, November 16, 2014

10 things I take for granted

With Thanksgiving approaching all too fast, I've been hearing and thinking a lot about being grateful for (a, b, c,  d).   That's fine and wonderful,  and there is a ton I'm thankful for ( and so on, and so on).  But, it occurred to me, how much I am not thankful for because I take things for granted. I am so used to certain amazing things in my life, I don't even notice them.  So, I thought it would be a fantastic exercise to write a post about this.

The tricky thing with writing about taking things for granted is figuring out what these "things" are.  Since, you know, I take them for granted.  So, I decided to sit down, look around and write down ten more-or-less random things that I don't usually think about but which I can't imagine (or would rather not to) do without.

Here is my list of 10.

1.  Curly hair
2.  Loving and forgiving parents
3.  Access to healthy food and clean water.
4.  Toilet paper, paper towels, disposable plastic baggies.
5.  Ability to walk, drive and bike
6.  Convenient gadgets to baby-proof the house.
7.  Indoor plumbing!
8.  Google and PubMed (search and access to scientific literature)
9.  Public libraries!
10.  Garbage and recycling collection.

What about you - what are 10 things you take for granted?

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