Sunday, February 26, 2017

Long Weekend Report

All 3 kids had a long weekend. My husband took a day off on Friday and took them all to the zoo. From what I hear, they had a blast (even though there was some unauthorized running off). When they got back, my husband felt exhausted and fell asleep during our youngest daughter's nap. I came home to find everyone in a sensory overload grumpy mode. Too  much fun at the zoo :)

On Saturday, we had a make-up party for our youngest daughter's 3rd birthday (she was sick the first time around). Family came to visit and we had a wonderful time. The weather was unseasonably warm and we had pizza outside, kids got to play with their cousins, the birthday girl had another chance to blow out the candles (couldn't do it 2 weeks ago, but this time she performed with gusto! The older siblings were slightly saddened by this because they were looking forward to "helping" her blow out the candles).

The cake turned out decently (if I may say so myself) and the birthday girl seemed to like it (she refused to eat cupcakes with purple icing during our family mini-party 2 weeks ago... I suspect the flavour of the icing wasn't quite to her liking - I sort of threw a bunch of things together hoping for the best). When we were making the cake, C picked out purple and orange as the colors for the two layers, and these turned out just right! I made the tried-and-true Babushka's sour-cream cream for the icing and our older daughter decorated the cake with candles and little purple flowers I bought in the baking section of a grocery store. She did a beautiful job (and she is only 6)!!! Wish I took pictures... But as it often happens, I was too busy enjoying the moment to take any pictures :) The birthday girl soaked up everyone's attention. Then all the little girls got their nails painted. I am not a huge fun of painted nails on kids (just a personal quirk), but the kids were serious about it and so into the process - before I knew it, I was doing everyone's nails and having a good time :)

Speaking of nails... our youngest is a thumb-sucker. After painting her nails, I've been telling her: "C, got to stop sucking that thumbkin, or the nail polish will come off!" At first, she would get the thumb out of her mouth with a startled and worried expression, examining her nails. Next day she came up to me and said she did not want to paint her nails any more, because she wanted to keep sucking her thumb.

The kids were supposed to have Hebrew school on Sunday, but when we got there, the parking lot was empty. Turned out, the front door got damaged by the wind a few days ago, so the crew was there to fix it and everything was cancelled. Somehow, I missed the memo. So we went to a playground, instead. It was sunny and warm - the kids had a blast and I was able to talk to my parents on the phone while the kids were going up and down slides.

We spent the rest of Sunday doing some yard work, playing, reading books, and, generally, taking it easy. My husband and I walked around our yard trying to figure out where we want to put fruit trees. We've been talking about planting apple and pear (and possibly plum and peach) trees since we moved to this house 3 years ago. Maybe this year will be the year we finally do it!

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