Monday, February 13, 2017


We had a wonderful weekend in NY state, visiting friends we haven't seen for many months. Their oldest daughter turned 5 and they had a big party for her that involved lots of bouncers, pizza, cakes, and probably the best party favors I've ever seen (stuffed animals, model airplane kits, blow-up toys, and a neat little baggy to hold everything). The kids had a blast. We went to the friends' house after the party (I was amazed at their stamina - they hosted our family of 5 and another family of 4.... that made 8 kids ranging from 17 months to 8 years). I loved seeing all the kids playing together - they got a little wild at times, but were  having tons of fun. We also got together for lunch the following day at a Greek place - that got a little stressful (too many kids who wanted to play instead of eating), but, overall, was awesome. We don't go out to eat much as a family (last time was about 6 months ago), so it was also a good experience for kids and a reminder for us that it could be done! Nothing got spilled, nothing was broken, and no one threw a tantrum.

We stayed at a hotel and it worked out beautifully. Kids were so tired from all the partying, they settled down pretty quickly. There was initial whining and complaining about who was going to sleep where (there were two full size beds), but they figured it out. My husband collapsed on a bed with one of the kids, the oldest and the youngest were snuggled up together, and I settled down on a sofa intending to read. Next thing I knew - I woke up and it was morning. I was on the sofa by myself - no children lying on top of my, kicking me, or grabbing my hair. It was such a gift... I started to realize a few weeks ago that the constant physical contact from at least one of the kids all night long was wearing me out. I don't know how well I can recharge my batteries without having a certain number of hours of personal space.

The hotel had a very nice breakfast with lots of healthy choices and then we all went for a swim in the pool. We were only gone for a day and a half, but it felt longer. This getaway - it did something to me. Shook me awake, in some way. Like a cup of coffee. Energizing.

And now the bad stuff.

As I was relaxing on Sunday night in front of the TV, replaying the weekend in my head, I realized I said some things I should not have said. I showed a terrible lack of sensitivity. A friend's father had just passed away a few weeks ago, and I went on a semi-random rant about the finality of death and how I didn't understand the concept of afterlife. I've been so preoccupied with my own feelings and my own drama, I failed to be kind. I am trying to figure out what is better - to call my friend and apologize to her, or just to move on like nothing has happened and hope I am blowing things out of proportion and no one cared about what I said.

Then my son threw up. All over his bed. Then he threw up again... all over the wall, the floor, and his sister's bed. My husband was furious. He freaks out when people as much as cough in his direction, and here there was throw up... all over the place.

In the morning, my daughter started throwing up (on our bed).  Right now (evening), my husband is throwing up.... I guess my youngest and I will be next.

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